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Cleo Mussi at MADE LONDON

We are thrilled that mosaic artist Cleo Mussi will be taking over the Belfry Room at One Marylebone to create a Rest and Reset space. Cleo is working on two brand new figures, Rhea and Demeter which will form part of this special exhibit along with Mitochondrial Eve, a Mother Earth figure holding Homunculus Babe and a… Read more »

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Anna Champeney Bespoke Scarves for MADE LONDON 2017

Anna Champeney is offering visitors to MADE LONDON in October the chance to order a bespoke version of her designs to collect at the fair. Anna´s studio combines collections of luxury contemporary throws (sampled by hand in the studio and produced at a family-run mill in Spain) and handwoven limited edition scarves produced at the studio…. Read more »

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Chris Boland at Made in Sheffield

Chris Boland has a couple of his rings on display at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield as part of their Made in Sheffield exhibition. He will also be giving a talk on his work there on 20th September. The exhibition celebrates everything made in Sheffield, from Hendersons relish to jet engines, well worth a look! Chris will be showing and… Read more »